To the rockstar
of marketing!

RockStar strives towards proving simple solutions with a systematic direct approach.
We do that with quality representation and creating a personalized campaign which
generates a better return on investment and increased market share.

What We Do

We specialize in experiential marketing, by building marketing strategies for our clients that will generate a great return on investment. Our fun team of professionals in the integrated marketing field work extremely hard to ensure our clients get the best representation and high-quality results.
We strive towards providing simple solutions with a systematic direct approach. Client growth isn’t our only objective though, we believe in internal growth, honesty and upward mobility through employee employment. We also operate in a diversified team environment with lots of fun and positive thinking.
Upward Mobility
Growing within an industry shouldn’t take ages. We believe that our fast-growth structure help our employees thrive in their positions and for us to grow at a much faster pace.
Employee Drive
Investing in the skill-development of each team member is what makes a company grow. They are the reflection of who we are as a company. This helps us ensure they represent our clients with best level of excitement and professionalism.
Diverse Team
Our team comes from a range of diverse backgrounds, from professional musicians to high-level athletes and we believe this equips us to take on and run any promotional campaign.

Reach Out!

Our team is always looking forward to answer all of your questions and concerns. Our goal at RockStar is to ensure our clients, our customers, and our employees get the best results in an environment of transparency and positive experience.


(210) 900-4779


8600 Wurzbach Rd,
Suite 900,
San Antonio, TX 78240